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The Most Watched Talks At Google

Talks at Google is a great resource, you can watch authors, actors, and bright ‘out of the box’ thinkers to help you think differently or learn new skills quickly.

On their recent YouTube channel, Google showed their top 20 videos and I created the list with my must watch videos, alongside the other videos that made the top 20.

My Recommended Must Watch

Never Split the Difference By Chris Voss

Chris’ Masterclass is worth the watch

Google Goes Gaga – Lady Gaga Talk:

Gaga is the queen of re-invention & crafting characters

Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool:

Creative genius, leveraging humour

Catch Me If You Can | Not the Leo, but the original Frank Abagnale:

If you loved the movie, you will love this

The Rest Of The Top 20

My Recent Favourite

Nicholas Thompson is the Wired editor and known for LinkedIn Videos