My Favourite Podcasts

As many people who know I am a bit of a podcast geek and listen to too many per week. I am often asked what podcasts I would recommend so here are my go to listens.

For Your Aural Pleasures:

Work Related:

Slightly more educational:

If you like something more deep, longer and entertaining Joe Rogan Experience is a great listen, if you do not like swearing or sports sometimes it might not be for you but I personally love it –
Check out my favourite recent podcast by Joe Rogan with UFC commentator, ex US Marine Brian Stann –


If you are into sports and sports banter definitely check out The Magic Sponge by Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and special guests – 

Don’t judge me before you listen but the new Buzzfeed Internet Explorer podcast is really funny and well worth a listen to over on Soundcloud. Take a listen to Internet Explorer

Listen to my favourite so far:



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