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  • Only works on web for me currently (not on iOS app)
    Update 28/10/2015 I now have polls on both iOS and desktop, update your apps.
  • There are now 4 options for your poll – choice 1 to 4 (you can add emojis in the answers)
  • Replies to original tweets notifies you, whereas votes do not (well thought out by Twitter product team)
  • You are now updated when you have answered a poll on iOS devices and the number of people who has answered the question
  • You currently have 20 character limit per choice of vote (think red or blue or emoji a or emoji b not long names)
  • You can reply to someone with a poll (this might be good to trial with product decisions, names or for companies who receive a lot of consumer tweets to control the replies they receive)
  • Retweeting a poll does work and amplifies well – the issue you might find is third parties are not great at displaying the polls currently (something to keep in mind)
  • As you can see polls do embed, this could be powerful for those companies who do not currently gain large engagement on their tweets but do have large traffic numbers.
  • You can promote polls via Twitter ads (be careful with this as polls only run for 24hours, you do not want to promote polls that have finished)
  • It will definitely increase engagement and has done since the roll out for my profiles
  • You are not given the results who voted, just the numbers (and %’s)
  • You cannot currently schedule polls through the web, app or third party tool, I have a feeling this will not be rolled out for some time
  • When you search Google for your brand or name, the options for the poll are not pulled across, this might confuse users that are not used to Twitter Polls. This however might increase the CTR on your tweets from Google SERP’s.
  • Is not currently working on tweetdeck and other third party twitter management tools / apps (many features don’t work across on tweetdeck)
  • Open ended questions appear to be working the best, I do not expect this to change in near future

Last update December 5th 2015.

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