The real power of user generated content

Here is my deck from this years #searchleeds.
The talk centres around the power of UGC (user generated content) and inspiration you can take from integrating user generated content into your business.

Companies like Amazon and Airbnb heavily rely on UGC, not just for product descriptions but for feedback loops and helping to work our their priorities in their algorithms.
I also highlight how Tripadvisor went from a review engine to a “Booking engine” from it’s huge and trusted database of reviews and useful information.

I also provide insights into JustGiving and how important UGC was for the $4billion raised for good causes in 15 years.

Slides 38 to 41 offer free tips on inspiring you to introduce specific types of user generated content into your business.

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There are some great feedback from the event I received: 

Here is the video from slide 17 and why Red Bull and GoPro joined forces

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