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Virtual Meeting Rules

Virtual meetings are tricky.

They create team fatigue, they create greater MRS (meeting recovery syndrome), and without proper guidance or agreed principles, they often lose the zip and the punch required.

The silent people on your next video call meeting are likely more frustrated with the format as they are with the same people talking vs just being tired or annoyed another video meeting.

Virtual Meetings cause numerous issues within teams and performance, there isn’t always an operational person or consultant who helps guides businesses around meeting design and getting the most out of meetings.

So here is a list of virtual meeting principles / rules that should help improve virtual meetings,

  • Have a tailored agenda – be clear with the required outcome
  • Include the question you require to be answered in this meeting
  • Calendar Invite to include:
  • All attendees,
    • The optional attendees,
    • The URL of virtue meetings,
    • Dial-in details (not everyone can join on a URL)
    • Meeting chairperson details (always have one and select them prior to the meeting with their acceptance)
    • Link to a centralised open document with agenda and notes
  • While In The Meeting
    • Mute your mic when not speaking
    • Have your video on (unless agreed this is not essential)
    • Use gallery mode where possible
    • Please use a headset or headphones with a microphone – everyone loves that person who has the dishwasher on or hears their dog bark
    • Use raise a hand or agreed with a gesture if you have a question
    • Use chat to add a comment and back up idea proposed to streamline meeting
    • Use open documents (or dedicated open to all software) to keep centralised notes, follow up actions and to gain feedback

If you would like more tips download my free ebook on the future of the office, the hybrid office.

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