The 6th Life Changing Technology Shift Presentation

A client was running a series of company wide talks in which they wanted to challenge the thought process of their staff and tell a number of stories or presentations around core topics. I was asked to present and here is my slightly amended presentation with a few notes:

In 2015 we live a very different life to 30, 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.

Life is shaped very differently to how it used to be:

  • We lived through the TV revolution and we are still in love with the TV and it’s power,
  • We thrived (or mostly) through the computer revolution,
  • The internet generation is in its own third gen and still a great opportunity source,
  • Through to the fourth tech shift; search and social which controls most of our answers and discover in everyday life,
  • To potentially biggest life changing shift the mobile – the mobile has become more than tech, its now worshipped and many cannot live without!
  • To what I predict to be the next big shift (the giveaway is in the URL – VR / virtual reality).

Here are is my amended deck, let me know if you agree, disagree or think something else might be the next big shift

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