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What Is The Most Important Skill For Marketers?

Recently I have been asked about the most important skill for Marketers (more specifically in H2 2021) and my answer is simple… 



As a Marketer you will need to have bags of resilience: 

  • When a campaign doesn’t quite land – you will need to show resilience.
    • More channels are more work for most Marketing departments.
  • When you have to internal market as much as external and it doesn’t quite receive the reaction you thought or hoped for
    • Everyone believes Marketing is easy and they can do Marketing 
  • When a budget increase request doesn’t happen 
    • This is common and often is reduced, particularly if the CFO / FD believes CPA / CAC should be lower
  • When your budget is reduced to help reduce operating costs
    • This is one of the most common occurrences in my Marketing leadership and business leadership. Become resilient to this and use budget flexibility
  • When you need to know when to keep, kill, cure (or just copy competitors). This very often becomes a normal muscle reflex however this comes from experience and is where resilience comes in.

All of these takes huge amounts of resilience, confidence and support.

Resilence will be the most powerful skill in 2022.

Help to build resilience within your department, particularly in your management teams (Directors, Heads of, Managers etc) and help to build resilience as muscle memory.

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