Marketing Director Coach

  • You are a Marketing Director, looking for some help to develop your career and help your team to develop.
  • Your problems likely are:
    • Performance dip from the Marketing Department
    • Teams not being able to perform against aggressive targets
    • CMO does not understand the workload of the team
    • CMO often standing in the way, or, getting in the way of success
    • OKR’s and aggressive goals are hindering your team’s performance
    • Never enough time to effectively manage teams and the department
    • Feeling a little out of touch with the team
    • Feeling a little out of touch with the latest tactics and channels
    • Not quite landing the Marketing plan or Marketing vision
    • Failing to impress the c-suite with limited exposure
    • You haven’t developed as a leader in a couple of years and it’s impacting your progression
    • You feel your career has stalled while many others have progressed or made it to VP or CMO
  • What you need is a dedicated coach to help you grow, recapture your confidence and co-build the next steps of your career and performance
  • Our journey together looks like a matching call (just to make sure we would work well together), identify skill gaps and your areas of improvement and workshop-based training sessions
  • End results – you will be a better manager and develop into a leader, you and your team’s performance will improve, your confidence will develop and you will feel your executive presence evolve.

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